Husband Nicole Kidman has ignored the tenth wedding anniversary

Муж Николь Кидман проигнорировал десятую годовщину свадьбы
Keith urban greeted the anniversary away from his wife.

Nicole Kidman and Keith urban

Photo: @nicole.kidmanofficial Instagram Nicole Kidman

Fans of the famous singer
music in the country style of Keith urban, husband of Nicole Kidman, was also very surprised when during a concert in Mansfield, near Boston, the singer suddenly
announced: “today, my 10th wedding anniversary!” But 49-year-old wife of a whale nearby was not visible. Nicole, as it turned out,
this auspicious day was really very far from Urbana over 10 Grand
miles: at home in Australia!

In order to smooth
the resulting awkwardness, Keith found it necessary to explain to fans: “I had planned concerts in the early years, and when I realized that one
of them will have on our anniversary, asked her to come to me with children. Nicole
and wanted to do, but business detained her in Australia. And,
to dispel the unpleasant impression made by his
statement, he had already after the concert descended into the crowd of fans and
showed them my phone, which got in touch with his wife via Facetime program.

And all anything, but most
informed fans of the singer were first heard about this story
anniversary. In April the Australian press with the words of her friend Nicole wrote that she was mortally offended by the decision of the husband. Him
really did not have to move the concert on day one and fly to
wife! Say, Keith simply forgot about the anniversary, and when his wife reminded him, did not consider it necessary to change plans. This caused another argument between spouses. As
was bad enough, but the numerous scandals associated with the behavior at Urbana
tour, where he in anything does not deny, including activities in the company
young gals. Once the paparazzi even caught him leaving a hotel with another beauty. However, Nicole, apparently so loves her husband that
forgive him this time. Although perhaps urban should think about
her patience is not unlimited.

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