Elena Armin van Buuren returned to perfect shape after childbirth

Елена Подкаминская вернула идеальную фигуру после родов
The actress was struck by the thinness.

Photo: Instagram

Elena Armin van Buuren gave birth to her second child in early August, but has already regained its former shape. However, during pregnancy, which is a star, by the way, concealed from the public, Helen has not scored a lot of extra pounds. The actress has a truly iron will and an inheritance. She didn’t eat “for two”, as do many ladies, waiting for the child. So two months after the baby eve, she did not have a single extra gram and centimeter.

The photo that Armin van Buuren was published in a personal blog, even a little alarmed fans — so skinny looks like a star. The actress his appearance pleased, not everyone will dare to show the whole country himself in a towel and without makeup!

“Beauty tips from Sophia Loren is healthy sleep and proper care,” — said Elena.

So quickly get in shape Armin van Buuren decided for a reason. Very soon, less than a month, she is officially out of the decree. In early November, the actress will return to the stage. Moreover, with a challenging ninety-minute solo performance of “Careless actress.” Elena can be seen on the New stage of the Vakhtangov theatre.