Elect Yulia Volkova was detained in Moscow

Избранник Юлии Волковой был задержан в Москве Beloved star Giorgi Zarandia was a thief in law. He hunted burglary and robbery. The man was detained in the North-West of the capital and is already being questioned.

      Избранник Юлии Волковой был задержан в Москве

      Law enforcement officers detained in Moscow Giorgi Zarandia, known in criminal circles as Guia Gali. According to several sources, the man is the boyfriend of the famous singer Yulia Volkova.

      A criminal who specialized in burglaries, robberies and looting was detained in the North-West of Moscow. 36-year-old male is a citizen of Georgia and will soon appear before Khoroshevsky court for violation of immigration laws. Investigation Department and the police carry out operative work with Gali in the Department, the station.

      This is not the first case when the chosen Volkova violates the migration act. In 2014, he was expelled from Russia but then again secretly settled in the country.

      A year ago there was information that ex-member of the musical group t.A.T.u Julia Volkova and George Zarandia combined bonds of marriage. However, the star has denied this information. However, the singer went with George together on vacation in Thailand. Photos where you could see the face of the chosen one, Julia did not show, but made clear that around her is male. Volkov prefers not to talk about their loved ones, so the question is whether she’s still in a relationship with George, remains open.

      By the way, not just Julia talked about the fact that he would like to get married, so her children have a father. According to her, the men make her an offer of marriage, but it was at the level of “well, great – let’s wait and think, then we’ll see”. Volkov wants a real wedding, the feast, to her children and her parents saw her in a white dress. She’s looking for a man with whom will live the rest of my life. The star hinted that in the next ten years this happy event will happen.

      Napomnim that Yulia was in a committed relationship with a bodyguard Pavel Sidorov in the early 2000-ies. In 2006, Volkov met with Parviz Azimovym, which, they say, was born her son, Samir, who is a Muslim.

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