Экс-участница «Дома-2» Мария Адоевцева: «Муж ушел от меня духовно» The reality star told how her life after breaking up with a loved one. Long time no Maria Odoevtseva, neither Sergei Pavlovich did not comment on reports the breakup. For fans of the TV project “House-2” they were always the perfect couple.

      Экс-участница «Дома-2» Мария Адоевцева: «Муж ушел от меня духовно»

      The star of the popular reality show Maria Odoevtseva is considered to be one of the most discussed heroines in the history of the project. On telestroke girl was able to meet love in the face of Sergei Korolev and the perimeter to build your family home. However, several years later, their relationship came to an end. About how Maria survived the breakup with the father of your daughter, how is her life after “House-2”, and about the upbringing of the child, she said in an exclusive interview with “StarHit”.

      Stars “House-2” Sergey and Maria Odoevtseva broke up

      Mash, it’s been almost 6 years since you left the project. Do you regret at all about the stay-at-home telestroke country?
      Экс-участница «Дома-2» Мария Адоевцева: «Муж ушел от меня духовно»My mom is a devoted fan of “House-2” and still watches it. I’m with her every day, I am fighting, so she spent less time at the “idiot box”. Because Moscow is a place where negative information can keep you even when you exit the entrance of the house. After “portion of trouble,” you go the whole day not himself. And the home is a quiet haven, where there is peace and comfort. So the telly I beg you not to include that didn’t trouble city. But when the mother looks “Dom-2”, I immediately remember how she lived at the site. In the show I experienced a storm of emotions: crying, laughing. Of course, I can’t disown “the House-2”, this part of my life. If not for him, I wouldn’t have moved to a new stage, which is now in my life is spirituality. Probably, for the time spent on the project only regret quarrels with friends. —
      You communicate with someone from the show?
      Экс-участница «Дома-2» Мария Адоевцева: «Муж ушел от меня духовно»Yes, Nelly Ermolaeva, for example. Our rooms in apartments were close and became friends. Nelly was even the witness at my wedding. However, after my leaving the show we fell out of communication. All eternal things. But when once again accidentally met, he realized that will still be drawn to each other. And Nellie loves my daughter Lisa. It is to her motherly concerns. God forbid their children Nellie! Even with Dasha Pynzar I have a warm and trusting relationship. It just so happened that communicate only with TV moms, because girls have retained the human qualities even after leaving the show. I’m thankful that they met on my life’s journey!—
      You don’t hide in front of their readers in social networks, which was really a believer. How did this happen? What has influenced you?
      Экс-участница «Дома-2» Мария Адоевцева: «Муж ушел от меня духовно»Generally people come to God through tribulation. For example, the circumstances of life dealt you an unexpected damage. Some people immediately feel bad and hurt. In addition to friends, they immediately turn to God. In my life also happened loss, I lost my husband. Of course, Sergei is dead body, but for me he is spiritually lost…my husband don’t live together now, Sergei left me spiritually… For me marriage is a Union of souls. But when it stops, it falls family. Some people can live for years together without love and “Rodney” I can’t do that. When Sergei left me on a spiritual level and ceased to be responsible for our family, I opened the Lord.
      People say that “God is always there”. For you it is an empty statement?
      Экс-участница «Дома-2» Мария Адоевцева: «Муж ушел от меня духовно»Two years ago, Sergei and Lisa went to rest in Abkhazia. Because of our inexperience, I somehow violated the migration law. At customs I was told that in Russia I will be able to get only a year and a half. Proposed, as an alternative, to go to my native Odessa, but without the right to travel in Russia. Of course, I refused this option, because at that moment in Ukraine hostilities. So our family remained to live in Abkhazia. Sergey at some point, went to Moscow for work and I was left alone with her daughter, sea and mountains. And one fine morning I was drawn to the temple, where I asked him to give me to read the gospel. After reading of the New Testament was not one miracle, apart from the fact that I opened the border to Russia, my mind was like the light, and became so unbelievably clear. Opened up some special view of themselves, the world, the Lord… How can you not believe in the power of the most high?! To Moscow I came back a totally different person, as if I was reborn during these months and since then began to live very differently.

      Drastic life changes always wary of people. How did new interests in your environment?
      Экс-участница «Дома-2» Мария Адоевцева: «Муж ушел от меня духовно»Social networks constantly Troll me. Write that joined a cult. The people of ignorance do not understand what repentance can come at any time. And repentance is not when we ourselves korima for spiritual decline and not even our tears of confession, after which we go ahead and fight his sinful life. We must change the mind, to improve ourselves and to improve. So, I changed my social circle. The people who treated me superficial, immediately dropped out. And the one who is honest with me, remained in my life. I have many real friends, but they are. Some ex-friends reminded me of today’s viewers of “House-2”. Like the project was an ordinary girl, and became Orthodox. Fans immediately looking for the duplicity, they don’t understand what’s going on in the soul of man and labeled.—
      You have a new family tradition?
      Экс-участница «Дома-2» Мария Адоевцева: «Муж ушел от меня духовно»I am now internally has changed dramatically, beginning to perceive the world and people very differently. Now prefer to devote more time to spiritual growth. For example, to read the patristic literature, lives of the saints… On Sundays I started to go to work. In all this I see the incredible beauty and feel filled with pure energy. Sometimes friends even make fun of say: “Mary, are you coming in the nuns will go.” But I’m not offended. Answer them that would be able to give to the monastery if it were not for the child. Now seek solitude, peace of mind.—
      In your “Instagram” Lisa can often be seen in a headscarf or even with Church candles…
      Экс-участница «Дома-2» Мария Адоевцева: «Муж ушел от меня духовно»Lisa I instill Orthodoxy, because without it life becomes incomplete. My daughter loves to go with me to the temples. Even service she defends to the end, without nagging. Of course, sometimes naughty and asks for some water, but this stuff. Because of children’s curiosity she constantly sees icons, asks who’s who of saints. The other day my daughter learned the prayer to the virgin Mary. Child when living in this environment, brimming with spiritually. Lisa became even behave like an adult, calmly.

      Lisa recently started kindergarten. Like her there?
      Экс-участница «Дома-2» Мария Адоевцева: «Муж ушел от меня духовно»In it I recognize myself in childhood. My mother always told me: “Mary, you as the leader of the Redskins”. She has very many friends, she is the soul of the company. When I turn on the music, she begins to sing and dance. By the way, I noticed that Lisa has a good memory and hearing. So already thinking to give an Orthodox choir In the service she often sings with a local choir in the choir and says, “Mommy, I want to sing like the angels!”—
      Many moms say that the child did not have no time… How are things with you?
      Экс-участница «Дома-2» Мария Адоевцева: «Муж ушел от меня духовно»I always joke that my free time begins at night. Cleaning, washing, cooking. There’s no escape. The day I can sleep three to four hours in the morning and feel great. Try most of the time to devote to her daughter. Yes, let me not always easy but I manage. The nurse never thought. Best mom will not bring up the child. And so, still doing photography. The work not only brings me a good income, but also interesting.
      Many of your fans noticed that even after leaving the project, you quite apparently have not changed. What is the secret?
      Экс-участница «Дома-2» Мария Адоевцева: «Муж ушел от меня духовно»My recipe is one of constant movement. I don’t sit still. Plus eat right and fasting.

      Lisa is an obedient child? What methods of education practice?
      Экс-участница «Дома-2» Мария Адоевцева: «Муж ушел от меня духовно»I believe that we need to raise a child in a reasonable extent. If Lisa crosses the line, I strict. I tell her: “Lisa, I’ll have to punish you, because you don’t listen to me”. And she understands that. But if my daughter behaves well, then I’m good. Always say that if the kid does not explain what is good and bad, he himself does not understand. —
      Are you a creative person who is always interested in something… should we Expect any of you any new projects?
      Экс-участница «Дома-2» Мария Адоевцева: «Муж ушел от меня духовно»Early shopping centers I could hang for hours. Now I do not exist, do not chase fashion, some trinkets. Every day is a little life. The older you get, understand that your time should be spent on the case. We don’t know how many will live. May the Lord, our soul will pick it up tomorrow, and nothing good we have not done. So I think to engage in charitable activities. I want to start to help people in distress. Those who were left homeless or have been deceived. You can start with a station and feed the homeless at least. I already have a group of people willing to come with me to mercy, and they are all my good army friends from the past and present. Many of the “Instagram”. In General, growing team of young and helpful.

      Your fans worry that family photos have not appeared Sergei Pavlovich… You do not communicate?
      Экс-участница «Дома-2» Мария Адоевцева: «Муж ушел от меня духовно»Many have noticed that Sergei fell out of our habitual way of life. So. Today, he enjoys his long-awaited freedom and is not in a hurry to be a dad, husband or even just close. No one can be forced to take care of the family. Love can no one’s ever been. But life goes on. Not to say that we got worse. Somehow on the contrary everything turned out. —
      Can we say that your heart is now free?
      Экс-участница «Дома-2» Мария Адоевцева: «Муж ушел от меня духовно»I am a young girl that was always surrounded by decent men. Naturally, before something serious does not have the right to bring, because I have a child. I am an outdoor person, enjoy life, full of strength and energy. Despite the fact that since we’re not together today, I believe that each of us will be happy in their own way and get on the right path. We are not strangers and should eventually live in peace, love and harmony, even on different sides of the same bridge.