Экс-участница «Дома-2» обрела счастье с сотрудником проекта Christina Deryabina ceased to hide lover. The star of “House-2” had an affair with one of the employees of telectron. The father of a young man who works there, was at first shocked, but then accepted the decision of his son.

      Экс-участница «Дома-2» обрела счастье с сотрудником проекта

      It is considered that the participants “Houses-2” have found love while filming reality show. Telestroke connected so more than one pair. Many of the stars of the project have families and even children. Christina Deryabina started “the House-2” it is for this purpose. However the destiny has disposed differently. The girl met one of the staff that works behind the scenes, and fell in love with him.

      When Christine announced that she was leaving “the House-2”, she said she goes to her beloved man. But, as it turned out, embellished a little girl – no boy she at that time was not. But a chance meeting in the store have changed the lives of deryabinoy. Voice-over fellow reality show Alexander was a very charming and interesting, besides, he was not afraid that she has gained a certain popularity and publicity for the show. Between young people broke out of the relationship.

      “To be honest, I was more afraid that our romance will react to Sasha’s parents how they would react to the fact that his girlfriend – the former participant “Houses-2″. The situation is compounded by the fact that Alexander’s dad also works on the project and we were familiar with him: during my participation in the show was good-mornings, could exchange a few phrases, jokes. It is one thing when it is just about communicating with the heroine a reality, and quite another – if your son starts Dating her,” – says Kristina.

      It should be noted that Alexander was very active in courting a sweetheart. He immediately gave her to understand that serious. It turned out that young people live close to each other. Sasha pulled out all the stops and invited Cristina to move in together, she agreed. The eighth of March the boys went to the ballet and then made the first joint selfie for social networks. So all the friends and acquaintances found out that they are together. Now the guys are enjoying the solitude and build a new life. Alexander’s parents also took his new girlfriend.

      “After learning the name of my darling dad was initially in shock. For some time he was digesting that thought, and after a week or two we came to the parents of the guests. They greeted us very warmly, and we talked,” told Sasha in an interview with “House-2”.

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