Экс-участница «Дома-2» Анастасия Лисова сделала голливудский нос The girl shared photos from a hospital ward. Anastasiya Lisova addressed well-known among the participants of the reality show, the surgeon who consulted the patient and made the modeling of the face with a different nose. Ex-member of telestroke so liked the result that the next time she came to the operation.

      Экс-участница «Дома-2» Анастасия Лисова сделала голливудский нос

      Ex-participant reality show “House-2” Anastasiya Lisova decided to change the shape of the nose surgically. According to her, the decision to undergo rhinoplasty, it is spontaneous. The girl claims that never thought of coming changes in their appearance, and always experimenting. Thus Lisin got to the telestroke and changed the color of the hair.

      “I never thought before about the fact that my nose is not so. I am always completely satisfied with my appearance. But one fine morning, my head came the idea that with more straight and thin nose will I look better, fresher, more interesting. Why not? I thought,” explained Lisova.

      Anastasia took the decision to adjust the shape of the nose is not only because of the whim to look even better. The girl claims that she wanted to get rid of the past, to start a new page in my life. Before deciding on the surgery, she has studied the websites of several clinics online which specialized in the plastic.

      “I needed this unique doctor who, firstly, the concept of beauty coincide with my ideas; secondly, who sees a person’s personality and knows how to highlight its beauty, leaving uniqueness. I needed a doctor without stamps, with an open mind, and understanding me as a person. We were supposed to intuitively feel each other. It is very important to find the right connection to the doctor, otherwise there will be a good result. And here you all are well known Rustam Solntsev told me the Gayk Pavlovic Babayan, as he had an operation after an unsuccessful rhinoplasty with another doctor. I went for a consultation, we met and did a re-modeling. Gayk Pavlovic was a very spiritual person, gentle, kind and understanding”, – said the girl.

      Экс-участница «Дома-2» Анастасия Лисова сделала голливудский нос

      According to the model, the doctor promised her to make a Hollywood nose, and that’s what she wanted. The whole process Lisin was shot on a camera phone to share experiences on social networks. Yet what about the result too early to judge, as swelling after the operation takes several days. In the Network appeared the Anastasia, where the nose closes the dressing of patches. Later, the ex-contestant of the reality show promised to show the video. Members of the girl asking her lots of questions about how she feels after rhinoplasty: if nose breathing, how strong was the anesthesia and painful if she carries bandages.