Алена Водонаева готовит триумфальное возвращение на телевидение The former participant “Houses-2” will soon appear with his program. Alain Vodonaeva will be leading a new show after a long lull in his career. Company on the set she will be a famous psychic of Sariddin Rzayev.

      After participating in the reality show “Dom-2” career Alena Vodonaevoy went up quickly. The girl began to receive offers to become the leading various programs. However, the last time she disappeared from the TV screens. But soon it will again begin to Shine in his new show. Co-host of gorgeous celebrities will perform famous psychic of Ziraddin Rzayev. In the air, they will discuss the paranormal phenomena that occur in the life of stars of show business.

      “Oh, what will soon be, friends. Prepare for you an interesting project on your favorite RU.TV. In the photo a Pair of Normal. Sleepy. Rehearsing the pilot. In late September we will begin to open for you the world that all Oh how interested. Without cheating and embellishment. Ziraddin Rzayev and your AV,” – said Vodonaeva all fans.

      For all followers, it was a real gift. They supported a celebrity and now I want to see more of the program. “Finally, Alenka will be dealing with! Good luck in your endeavors!”, “Well done! Congratulations!”, “Great,” was supported by devoted fans who look forward to a new show.

      Apparently, Alain is full of power and energy for career jerks. Lately it is quite often wahala abroad, where a lovely time with her fiancé Anton Korotkov.

      Now Alyona has six-year-old son, Bogdan. The boy has a very busy schedule, it is recorded on various mugs and sections, so Vodonaeva not worry that the work will interfere with her contact with the child. Moreover, from household chores the celebrity fully released. The other day she told me that in her house there lives a maid. But now, looks like she’ll have to find another helper because of the scandal. As it turned out, the woman lied to Alain when he ruined her expensive smartphone, which were all pictures and contacts. Now the star is thinking what measures she should take to prevent any negligence of his employee to the expensive technology.

      “I pay for everything! Until women’s needs. She has her own separate, beautiful room and a personal driver I in September ‘ 15 took for her and Bogdan. The nanny only household and household history. That is, do not want to live! Just check the pockets and Tupi”, — said Alena perturbed by the fact that the housekeeper did not notice in my pocket phone in the wash.