Ekaterina Volkova saves daughter

Екатерина Волкова спасает дочь
Little Lisa began a terrible Allergy.

Ekaterina Volkova

Photo: instagram

Ekaterina Volkova appealed to the fans. Case
that five daughters actress
Elizabeth with the arrival of spring allergies. What caused the allergic
the reaction of the girl, Katya doesn’t know: she is trying to deal with the manifestation of symptoms in all possible
ways. For example, she decided to ask advice from their subscribers in the Network.

“Well, Hello allergies! Lisa has a terrible Allergy to
bloom, ” says the star of TV series “Voronin”. — Can’t understand what. Last year was
birch, but they already faded like it. Nose is stuffed up, swollen eyes. Poor child!
Around and I know kids cannot tolerate all of the blooming quietly. What is the reason?
Why so many allergies now? If there are “life hacks” from personal experience? As
to experience a flourishing period in Moscow?”

Most fans have responded to requests from Actresses and
even gave some practical advice on how to fight allergies without resorting to medical intervention. For example, Kate told me about miracle method of treatment by using soda, tea, and frozen apples.

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