Ekaterina Volkova became unemployed

Екатерина Волкова стала безработной
The actress said goodbye to colleagues.

Photo: @volkovihome Instagram Ekaterina Volkova

With the start of summer in the life of a star of the TV series “Voroniny” Ekaterina Volkova has changed. The actress said that now the document is… unemployed! Artist along with his colleagues, was fired from the State theatre of film actor, where he worked for 14 years. The reasons for Catherine to hide did not become.

“Took labour out of the theater actor, as dismissed the rest of our troupe. And this happens! The end of a big era! Thank you to all my viewers that love, as long as 14 years. And of course, thank you favorite co-workers!” summed up Volkov.

Of course, the actress to take in the popular series that brought her fame, but at the same time she will look for work in the theatre. When Catherine many years ago had just graduated with honors from the theatre school named after M. S. Schepkin, she dreamed of working in the “contemporary”. But immediately upon graduation, it did not take place. It is possible that now the artist will be able to fulfill an old dream and to be part of the troupe to the beloved theatre.

The dismissal of the theatre is not the only thing that recently happened to Catherine. The actress is faced with unscrupulous builders, to make repairs in her suburban house, which she was forced to part with them. As a result, the move out of the city, about which she dreamed, was postponed indefinitely.