Екатерина Волкова призналась, что живет на две семьи
The actress openly spoke about what is broken between relatives.

Ekaterina Volkova and Anna Frolovtseva

Ekaterina Volkova has made an unexpected recognition. According to the actress, for a long time she is forced to live for two families. Moreover, Volkova complained about fatigue from the fact that she had to break apart because of the situation. As it turned out, it was about a screen and a real family of the artist. The fact that some time ago Catherine began an active shooting in the continuation of the series “Voronin”. But as it turns out, combine work and family care is a challenge for Volkova.

“Someone is tired, and someone full of energy and emotion, even despite the long day of shooting! Now once again going to live for two families ! And torn between my real and on-screen relatives…” — she wrote in microblogging. By the way, during the filming Volkova in the acclaimed TV show, she really became close with each of the participants of the shooting process. Recently, for example, Catherine touching congratulated his on-screen mother — in-law Anna Frolovtseva happy birthday.

By the way, the strength of the actress take on the construction of luxurious country home of Catherine and her husband, Andrei Karpov, which is in full swing. The actress spends a lot of time in DIY stores and already considers himself a specialist in this field. However, mainly for the construction of the mansion is Andrew who has the education of an architect. In the construction process and helps little daughter spouse — Lisa also helps parents to quickly finish work on the dream house.