Екатерина Шаврина отказалась от родственников после смерти сестры Glad Toneva can not forgive the people’s artist of the terrible accident that happened three years ago. Shavrina was behind the wheel of cars, when the car collided with another car, the accident killed the younger sister of the singer Tatiana.
Екатерина Шаврина отказалась от родственников после смерти сестры

In March 2014, Ekaterina Shavrina and her two sisters Happy and Tatyana was driving on the highway. The singer made a sharp maneuver, crossed two solid. The artist didn’t see the oncoming car, the collision occurred. In the accident, one of the relatives of Sabrinas died on the spot, another in critical condition was taken to hospital.

For three years, Happy requires from Catherine of repentance. According to the woman, the singer stopped to chat with family and refuses to help miraculously surviving sister.

Toneva came to the Studio of the program “actually” with Dmitry Shepelev to prove the guilt of the famous sisters and call Sabrina to answer.

“I have a memory, and I’m not crazy. We are twenty-eight in the evening returned from the Moscow region, Podolsk. They call me Tanya: “I’m Glad we’ll get”. Tanya said she was scared to stay home alone. I sat on the front seat of the car. We were driving, there was a continuous flow, then I just turned to Tanya to say that you have to buy in-store products. I was never allowed Catherine to turn in two solid”, – said Rada, the experts of the talk show.
Екатерина Шаврина отказалась от родственников после смерти сестры

According to Tuneboy, she remembers the moment of collision with another car. After hitting the woman lost consciousness, then woke up on the slate. Happy said that when he came to saw Sabrina away in an ambulance, and her younger sister Tanya was lying dead on the road.

According to Glad, the police arrived on the scene of an accident, I thought that killed two sisters. When Toneva began to show signs of life, police called an ambulance.

“I got out of the car next to me were two police officers, they put me near the fence slate. I was out cold. I couldn’t understand why I lay in the mud on the roadside. I woke up from the fact that all froze,” shared Toneva.

Experts checked out the woman’s words. All her answers were truthful. Also the talk show was visited by Eugene Kordilevskiy, the man was the driver of the car collided with Shavrina. “We’re going to stream, I first stood and arrives to the bus stop, very close leaves the car”, – said Eugene. Then the collision occurred. Kordylewski noted that Sabrina immediately taken away by ambulance. He couldn’t remember what happened with two other women who were in the car.

Екатерина Шаврина отказалась от родственников после смерти сестры

Rada accuses the people’s artist is that she is not helping her and never apologized for the death of the younger sister Tatiana. According to Tuneboy, the singer often Lihacheva on the roads and was able to break the rules. However, as noted Glad Catherine never got drunk behind the wheel.

“I would she were not allowed to turn,” said Tonev. Experts of the talk show said that the Council is jealous of the older more successful sister Catherine. The woman held out the strongest offense, so in all the interviews Sabrina accused in a deadly accident.

At the end of the program they wished Parliament Tuneboy and Catherine Shavrina to try to reconcile and forget the past, because women are sisters.