Ekaterina Odintsova said Boris Nemtsov

Екатерина Одинцова тоскует по Борису Немцову The mother of two children policy published unique archival snapshot. Ekaterina Odintsov came back mentally in 2002, where he and Boris Nemtsov lived a happy family.

      Екатерина Одинцова тоскует по Борису Немцову

      Boris Nemtsov became February 27 2015. The murder of a prominent politician is still not solved. Fans and friends of the statesman can’t believe what happened. The mother of two children Nemtsov Ekaterina Odintsova shared with his followers a photo from the family archive, from which some, according to them, eyes were full of tears.

      The picture shows Boris Efimovich lying on the couch and tenderly watching his mother nurse her granddaughter – a tiny Dean. “The year 2002. Borya is preparing for elections to the state Duma, the Dina – a couple of months, we were visited by grandma Dina to see my grandkids and rejoices that Dinola so grown up. Anton somewhere behind the scenes doing homework, he went to the first class. Then it seemed to me that we have a lot of problems, but now I realize what a happy and carefree time it was once in our family! #Sapotnitsky #Zaniatosti”, – signed photo of Catherine.

      I must say that fans Nemtsov praised the words of his once beloved woman. They tried to support her with a kind word. “How hard is it for you. In all senses. The loss of a man, and that woman’s fate that it happened, and the children must miss him. All these discussions and publications. You surprisingly kept this year. Just incredible, where did you take power. We, ordinary women, understand you, sympathize with, because many had losses and dashed hopes. Happiness to you and your children, they have wonderful,” wrote one of the ladies in the comments.

      We will remind, at the moment the question of the legacy of the murdered politician. According to unconfirmed reports on the accounts of Boris Nemtsov are impressive sums. This money and all his property will go to the children of the statesman.

      However, in addition to legal heirs of the – 31-year-old Joan, a 19-year-old Anton and 13-year-old Dina and 10 year old Sophia after the death of Boris showed up and illegitimate children whose mothers say they too were born from Nemtsov. Is the son of Catherine iftode Boris, who is two years old, and 17-year-old Daniel, whose mother is Anna Lesnikova. To confirm their relationship, will require the exhumation of the body of Boris Nemtsov, which are strongly against his relatives.

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