Екатерина Колисниченко наняла на работу Алексея Панина Career of the controversial actor took off. He appeared in a video Stas Kostushkin for the song “OPA! Anapa”, and now becomes the hero of another movie. Ekaterina Kolisnichenko admitted that he decided to work with the star.

Despite the dubious reputation, Alexey Panin confident of regaining its former popularity. A man often becomes a hero of programmes dedicated to his extravagant actions. He is actively “Instagram” and acted in music videos.

So, Stas Kostushkin video for the song “OPA! Anapa”, which first appeared with her daughter, quickly became a hit. Fans of the musician feared that the controversial actor will be up in the video unthinkable, but in the end he got the role of merry thieves.

The former participant of “House-2” Ekaterina Kolisnichenko also decided to cooperate with the provocateur Alex, inviting him to star in his new video. In a recent interview, the girl lifted the veil of secrecy and told about the music video.

“Yes, it’s true. Alex will be the hero of my video for the song “Hunter”. The release composition is scheduled for August, and the movie we plan to present in mid-September,” shared Catherine.

The news caused a mixed reaction among fans girl. Many fans doubted that Alexei will be a worthy main character of the clip, because his current behavior raises serious questions. However, there were also those who supported the initiative of Catherine.

The former participant “Houses-2” and previously recorded songs, but they have not enjoyed great popularity. The girl has a good vocal, but before coming to the controversial project sisters Kolisnichenko even played in the Cossack choir.

Despite the fact that Catherine has a good vocal, it rarely pleases fans with new compositions. She is now focused on the promotion of the business: the former participant of “House-2” owns a popular clothing store.

After the divorce with her husband Nikita kapelush Catherine ceased to advertise my personal life and completely changed her image. In Instagram the girl is divided mainly advertising posts and selfies. Fans do not get tired to notice that Kolisnichenko looks just perfectly.

In his comments to the magazine “Dom-2” Catherine did not disclose the plot of the clip, but fans are sure that she will remove the extremely provocative video, which will help the song “the Hunter instantly become a hit.