Екатерина Климова планирует открыть ателье женского белья Recently the movie star was robbed on tour. At the station, the actress stole the suitcase in which there were outfits for performances. For the most part, bras, stockings, corset. The loss didn’t upset Klimov, moreover, the artist decided to create his own company, making underwear for women.

Ekaterina Klimova is a favorite actress of millions of viewers. The actress has four children: almost grown-up Elizabeth, two sons-Matthew and Corneille, and baby Bella. Despite a very busy schedule, the star’s mother manages to be in a movie, play in the theater, but recently she decided to create her own brand of lingerie for women.

“Maybe it’s a coincidence or a sign, but in the last tour my suitcase took at the Moscow station. So, I want to tell these people thank you very much, nothing particularly valuable there was not, except for my suits, but they can hardly be called a costume – it was a beautiful lingerie: corset, stockings and so on. At first I was very upset, in a panic thinking how I will finish the plays, where to go to buy a new “costumes” in the Christmas rush. Women, I think I understand: whatever you’ve got the body to choose the right lingerie is not so easy. And suddenly it hit me! Here it is, the thing that I want to do besides acting career, is to open a tailoring individual lingerie. Even the name – “Michelle” – shared Catherine.

Mothers of large families have in General a lot of plans next year. The actress is waiting for new roles, projects, ideas. Despite this, Catherine is still a lot of time to the children. The actress told the journalists about the difficulties in the relationship with the heirs.

Ekaterina has told that respects the personal lives of children, particularly sons. “We don’t have enough trust. But I’m afraid to offend any loving girl, if you start to give more.” The star’s mother said that Matthew had already created their own page in one of social networks, and the Roots yet.

According to Klimova, the family must be protected from prying eyes and the press. “Now all you want more some real happiness, not reasoning about it.” Film star admitted that he doesn’t want a fast growing daughters and sons. “They’ll be kids. The stages of growing up are each at your own pace,” said the actress.

While Catherine had no difficulty just with the little heiress. Two year old Bella actress is made to educate parents and son Roots. The baby repeats all of brother and is constantly hugging him. But with fifteen years of Elizabeth Catherine often in conflict. Have a girl’s transition to adulthood. Klimov admitted that the eldest heir finds himself.

“Emotions run away from home, to cry two hours in the stairwell and return with a grudge against the whole world. I had that, my sister. Something similar is now happening with Lisa. But now I understand that in that moment I not only took offense to the mother but also hurt her, I hurt her,” recalled the star of the movie.

Catherine said, what is necessary to meet the year of the Dog. In her confession, each woman must be at the festival in stunning lingerie. “A dress can be any color and style, the main thing that it absolutely was. Another small but very important detail: never wear Slippers under the dress, even if you are at home”, – said Klimov with the publication of “7 Days”.