Екатерина Климова произвела фурор раритетным снимком The actress showed looked like many years ago. Fans were delighted from the appearance of Ekaterina Klimova. They literally showered her with compliments, and acknowledged that time has no power over the beauty of their beloved Actresses.

      Actress Ekaterina Klimova amazes fans not only vivid roles in movies and TV series and also is a keen interest in events from his personal life. Artist indulges followers vivid pictures with the children and with her husband, Gela Meskhi.

      Fans never tire of admiring the beauty and naturalness of their favorite actress. Klimova decided to share with followers of vintage photography. Frame Catherine is depicted as a very young girl.

      “The importance of being earnest”, – has signed the actress in the microblog.

      Fans Klimova hastened to laud a well-known actress. They thought she looked beautiful as in her youth, and now. The followers could not hold back his delight and expressed the opinion that it has not changed after all these years.

      “These eyes opposite… Impossible to put down, Time not imperiously over you”, “Kate, you like expensive wine, only better”, “Why did Catherine of plastic, she’s beautiful. May God give each to look like that”, “the older, the younger, judging by this photo,” he praised Catherine subscribers.

      The followers admire the youth Klimova. They find a striking resemblance to actress with her 15-year-old heiress Lisa. Not so long ago, mother and daughter took part in a joint photo shoot for advertising clothing brand. Among the fans was a great opportunity to compare Catherine and Lisa. They noted that Klimova can be proud of their figure and appearance. Followers admitted that the 24-year-old the difference between a mom and her heiress is almost not noticeable. Moreover, they have the same clothing size, but because Catherine even changing with her daughter outfits. Girl having fun with a parent shopping and listens to her advice. Lisa admitted that wants to be like his famous mother.

      Catherine also has three children – sons Corneille and Matthew, who were born in the marriage with Igor Petrenko, and a little bell. Baby was born last year. Fans are surprised that Klimova quickly returned to previous form, and the birth of four children practically did not affect the slim figure of the actress. Year-old daughter Klimova and Meskhi is increasing at a copy of the father