Thinner Anna Semenovich lit on the yacht

Похудевшая Анна Семенович зажгла на яхте The singer shared with the subscribers of the home. On pictures Anna Semenovich posing in short dress. Followers immediately saw a change in the figure of the artist – the girl is markedly postroila.

      The star of “Brilliant” Anna Semenovich provoked the discussion of his body a new post in Instagram. In the frame of a blonde posing on a yacht and looks very happy. White bodycon dress emphasizes its elegant shape. Users of the social network could not help but note the subtlety of Anna.

      “Summer is a small life and it will soon come. Frabjous day – the day of the vernal equinox. Leave in mind only positive thoughts and love make a wish and it will come true. Let’s believe in miracles” – called followers Semenovich

      However, fans were unable to determine whether this picture or the artist pulled it out of the summer archive. In any case, they hurried to write under the post of the singer compliments. “You are so slim! Super! Good luck to you and all the best!”, “Really lost”, “Anya, what a beautiful!”, “Great! Cool! Really like! Drink? The figure is a bomb!” – wrote in the comments fans.

      Apparently, Anna is really kind to both internal and external to the mind. She admits that a lot of time and effort spent on the development and expects the same of others. Semenovich also said that sometimes overtake her laziness and doubts about the correctness of the choice, but the desire to be better has the upper hand. Star believes that the eyes should burn, and life becomes even more interesting.

      “I always want to move forward, to learn something new, to star in different shows, to sing different songs. I’m not one of those people who goes to the same shop or even decades resting in the same place. I’m interested to learn everything, to go everywhere, to learn how to live with other cultures and, of course, many dream of! Stable I’m the only one in love to life and to their loved ones – and that is enough to develop and grow. I will never live or communicate with a person if he isn’t developing, I will not stand next to the man who stopped me to inspire fear to stay alone for some time and, of course, easily change the direction of their work, if former I have not the pleasure!” said