Egor Koreshkov: “I like to develop my biography”

Егор Корешков: «Мне нравится, как развивается моя биография»   Today one of the most sought-after young actors, Egor Koreshkov, is 30 years old. Egor visited St. Petersburg “Leningrad Center”, where he met with “Stricom” to discuss the latest news.

      Егор Корешков: «Мне нравится, как развивается моя биография»

      Today one of the most sought-after young actors, Egor Koreshkov, is 30 years old. A few days before this he has visited St. Petersburg “Leningrad Center” to release their DJ set, as well as to tell the “Starite” about trying to get comfortable in the world of music, meetings with Ivan Urgant and work in the film “Kiss,” which made him famous.

      Egor, a few days ago you came to St. Petersburg to perform on the stage of the “Leningrad Centre” as a DJ. Where did you get such an unusual hobby?
      Егор Корешков: «Мне нравится, как развивается моя биография»   It all happened quite by accident – I often went to clubs not to dance, and it followed the DJ’s for their selection of music. At some point I was lucky enough to get to the console itself – it wasn’t even my songs, I’ve replaced my girlfriend. She just showed me where to turn and where to turn off. So I started playing. —
      Among the fashionable stars to do the DJing. Paris Hilton came to Russia, often acts as footballer Ruslan Nigmatullin… But the professionals say that their work is far from perfect. Here you are doing this more for fun?
      Егор Корешков: «Мне нравится, как развивается моя биография»   For the most part Yes, it’s my hobby. In order to do it seriously, and schedule performance on large open-air need to have experience and certain skills. After all, there goes a specific audience, people who fanateyut from this information, from this selection, they like the jazz avant-garde. I know a lot of DJs who play no better than coming artists, which is not particularly thinking about, about little things, about working with remote control and tracks. But, nevertheless, people who come is they like and they’re having fun. —
      But fame brought you not music, and films. What do you think, what is the unprecedented success of the films “Bitter” and “Bitter-2”, in which you played a major role?
      Егор Корешков: «Мне нравится, как развивается моя биография»   All thanks to Andrew Pershina, who picked up this part – he knew who he wanted, how long did the audition, before I worked on the script. He has a wonderful sense of humor. In his comedies there is the first plan of the jokes that may seem superficial people, but unlike other comedies, there exists diversity of all these jokes. When we were filming, and I approached playback, it is understood that when the brace, people still said nothing, did nothing, and funny! Simply because of selection of individuals, selection of suits, entourage… And when the action starts – it becomes even funnier.
      Егор Корешков: «Мне нравится, как развивается моя биография»
      The most important question – whether “Bitter-3”?
      Егор Корешков: «Мне нравится, как развивается моя биография»   Not yet. There were many questions the actors, the Director, the producers. There are some search about what to do, how to do, where to shoot. All possible questions have already been asked, some answers found, some are not, but in General we can summarize in one answer: “No.” —
      You have twice been filming in the program “Evening Urgant” and watching the program, both times I was under impression that you were somehow uncomfortable to be there. While in the program of a novel you have behaved very differently.
      Егор Корешков: «Мне нравится, как развивается моя биография»   Still, it’s different formats. Perhaps the reason where it may seem that uncomfortable to me – gear is removed very quickly. You negotiate in advance the questions that will be discussed – first, second, third, next, run the program, Vanya starts to say something, you answer him, he then says: “Now pause”. Then you said something, he said and BAM – it ended. Just come up to you, say: “Thank you-thank you, it was cool,” and you don’t even have time to understand what it was, so everything happened quickly. The format of the program is composed so that the viewer always a little bit not enough, and tomorrow the audience come to watch again. Second time on the program I was with Eugene Pronin. After the transfer he asked: “why, that’s all? And why so quickly?” He didn’t think I would have to say about Popov (in the film “Champions. Faster. Above. Stronger” Evgeny Pronin played the role of Olympic champion in swimming Alexander Popov – Approx. “StarHit”), wanted to tell the story of the Olympians. What you may think discomfort – a desire to catch, because everything is working very fast: say, advertising, then the competition…
      Егор Корешков: «Мне нравится, как развивается моя биография»
      Today you turned 30. What can you say about their lives?
      Егор Корешков: «Мне нравится, как развивается моя биография»   Oh, it is most difficult always to talk about themselves, so as not to seem selfish, or the other way – not crying the Blues. Life is life – it was many things, had successes and falls, each fall I made the right conclusion. Maybe I’ll have more time to drop to any conclusions to rethink? I like the way things are going in my life, my career – I’m glad the paintings in which they participate. I can say that few in the Russian cinema of good movies, but they are, slowly they are becoming more and more write good scripts. Of course, there are gaps, sometimes six months we send you exclusive nepotrebschinu, and then one by one send a good scenario. —
      You starred in the Chinese movie speak, directed Nikita Mikhalkov?
      Егор Корешков: «Мне нравится, как развивается моя биография»   My first experience with Nikita Sergeyevich, and only two days in the Chinese film “Ballet in the flame war”, and this film is not his, he came to shoot just two scenes. But he did the final cut of the film, which then we were shown the Chinese film week in Moscow, in the House of Cinema, but a wide distribution in Russia and will not be, he was in China. I really liked the film, it is a little fairy, Chinese, nonetheless, not fake, but sincere film about the end of the war, with pure love, no kissing, but all these feelings are, they can be seen in the frame. Plaque good Soviet cinema, in the present. —
      Recently in rolling out the film “Champions: Faster. Above. Stronger”, where you played a Latvian journalist who writes an article and then a book about Alexander Karelin. As far as this story is fictional?
      Егор Корешков: «Мне нравится, как развивается моя биография»   Completely fictional, although some of the invited athletes who visited the Prime Minister then approached the producer and said, “Very much, especially with the Latvian journalist is very similar, almost like it was”. What he did astonished eyes! The story is invented, but there was some photographer from Karelin, who went with him and photographed him for a long time, so he has a series of photographs of different years. Here, it is somewhat similar to the character of this Latvian journalist. —
      Tell me, where now are shot?
      Егор Корешков: «Мне нравится, как развивается моя биография»   Finish work in the TV series “Sofia Paleolog,” which tells the story of the Byzantine Empress XV century; there are Italian. And after proceed to show “the Optimists”, directed by Alexei Popogrebsky about the Meade 60-ies. By the way, at the end of March comes the film “Parallel lines intersect at infinity” Lika Alekseeva is her debut. I’m at the film festival “Spirit of fire” received the “Best actor”.

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