Егор Холявин станет искать будущих моделей
Recently former participant of the TV project “Dom-2” Egor Holyavin admitted that he will soon realize his dream.

Егор Холявин станет искать будущих моделей

Egor is going to open a modeling Agency to help young people to open up in the modeling business. Many months of negotiations with foreign companies, which had a positive result.

Егор Холявин станет искать будущих моделей

“I wanted to open my own model Agency in Russia, but make it global. 8-10 months there were talks about I could use the brand names of Barbie and Ken in the name of the company. Two months ago, I got permission, recruited people, and now preparing to open the doors to all comers,” – said Yegor StarHit.

It turns out that Halavin she worked as a model as a teenager and wanted to tie their future with this field, but the parents did not support him.

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