Егор Холявин открывает модельное агентство The reality star intends to invite to a casting of girls and young people from 18 to 35 years. Egor Holyavin believes that the ideal appearance is not a guarantee of success, and therefore will choose those who, in his opinion, will be successful in this field. Former member of telestroke told what his Agency will be different from all the others.
Егор Холявин открывает модельное агентство

Egor Holyavin decided to fulfill his dream – to open her own modeling Agency. Now that plastic surgery young man approaching the appearance of a Ken doll, he decided to use this opportunity to become part of the fashion world.

As it turned out, for a long time, the former participant of “House-2” was negotiating with an international company and now runs his own business. Halavin ready to help young people and girls who dream to conquer the best catwalks and work with famous designers and brands.

“I wanted to open my own model Agency in Russia, but make it global. 8-10 months there were talks about I could use the brand names of Barbie and Ken in the name of the company. Two months ago, I got permission, recruited people, and now preparing to open the doors to all comers,” – said Halavin “StarHit”.
Егор Холявин открывает модельное агентство

As it turned out, in adolescence, Egor himself has worked as a model appeared on the catwalk, showcasing collections of various designers. He wanted to link their lives with this area, but the parents did not support his desire. Now the 31-year-old Holavina have the opportunity to realize their dreams.

“In 18 years I wanted to be a designer to sew clothes, dad was against it, and sent in the army. He worked for 25 years in the police, holding a good position for him, my dreams were not clear,” – said Yegor.

According to Holavina, he’s going to make a real “revolution” in the fashion world – intends to conclude contracts with the best models, as well as to bet on young people who dream of “face to face” and to show his body.

“The guys want to show themselves, to earn money from your looks, I want to walk the runway. Now a generation brought up on beauty,” shared a former member of the reality show.
Егор Холявин открывает модельное агентство

Another difference modeling Agency Yegor will be ignoring the patterns of beauty. Halavin as Director intends to draw the attention not only of impeccable appearance, and the search for new faces. Many will recall that the project “DOM-2” a young man came with the extra weight – he believes that was cast due to his charisma. On the same grounds it will begin to select candidates to work as models and attempt to become the legislator of female and male beauty.

Egor hopes to be able to convince the designers to take it charges. Despite the fact that couturier to create collections already keep in mind the types and parameters of models, Halavin wants the designers have adjusted it under his ideas about beauty.

Егор Холявин открывает модельное агентство“We’re going to grow their Barbie and Ken. We can provide beauticians, stylists, trainers for our future models that need to work with some of its shortcomings. Maybe in the future we will resort to plastic surgery. We want to travel around the country with auditions. Any guys and girls invite to Moscow, pay for flights, accommodation. In the future we will build a huge house, where the wards will live, share experiences, help each other. We have already chosen the area where you will pass the construction”, – told the “StarHit” Halavin.

However, to manage Yegor will not be alone. His partner Elena Chernyshova – the skilled person in this field. Halavin admitted that even before the official opening they began to receive applications from young men and women who dream to work with them.

“We do not set strict criteria except the age limit is from 18 to 35 years. Now send the questionnaire. Interestingly, 70% of applications received from boys,” he boasted.