Natasha Queen rescues a critically ill orphan

Наташа Королева спасает тяжелобольного сироту The actress and her husband donated money for the restoration of health. Queen Natasha could not remain indifferent to the child with the stationary limb. Despite the fact that the family of custody, the singer does not cease to follow the fate of Misha.
Наташа Королева спасает тяжелобольного сироту

Singer Natasha Koroleva has not passed by the story of the little Misha, who almost spent his whole life in the Metropolitan shelter. Four-year old boy from a terrible disease – arthrogryposis – complete immobility of all limbs. He underwent several surgeries, but none helped.

Recently, the fate of the child came over him custody family Togobitsky from Moscow. With their help, about the trouble the kid learned Natasha Koroleva.

“My husband is the help Michael, – shared the singer with “StarHit”. – You have transferred funds and friends hooked. A friend is getting married soon, arranged a bachelorette party. As a gift asked for money, and then transferred them to the treatment of our young patient.”

The doctors of the American hospital St Mary of give good predictions. Other doctors even to take on Misha did not.

“Active muscles of the press and the upper part of the biceps transplanted to the wrist to become mobile, – says foster mom Helen. Legs, unfortunately, to fully restore will not succeed, but the son is at least able to stay upright. It is a pity that in Russia initially identified the wrong tactics of treatment: put staples in the hip, because of this, the muscles in her legs atrophied, and as a result he lost the chance to go.”

The total cost of the planned operations in the United States – $130 million, or about 8.5 million rubles. Thanks to donations from the Queen, which has transferred the child of 200 thousand rubles, and other caring managed to collect 1.3 million rubles.

“We are in touch with Natasha and her office, she wondered how Misha feels, – Elena continues. – Very grateful for the participation. I hope that we will succeed!”

Many stars of show business, do charity work and don’t always do this accent. Singer Alsu last year, the actress learned from the Internet that the seven-month-old baby needed help. “Helpers Alsu at her request, contacted our organization, – said the “StarHit” the Fund “Artemka”. – Clarified the accuracy of the information, and then the singer listed a few hundred thousand rubles at the expense of girls. Promised to follow her destiny.”