Егор Крид: «У меня нет времени на звездную болезнь» The musician shared his thoughts with “StarHit”. Egor Krid admitted that sometimes gets tired so that I want to drop everything. However, he continues to work, even if you have to risk their health.
Егор Крид: «У меня нет времени на звездную болезнь»

23-year-old singer Yegor creed loved by millions of young girls who are willing to come to every one of his performances and sing along to such hits as “Bride,” “the Most” and “Alarm clock”. Now the artist is at the peak of popularity. Many people think that the career of an artist is developing rapidly. However, only he knows how much effort did it cost him to achieve his goal. He is not afraid that he faces oblivion because of the appearance on the stage of new names.

“Fortunately, I was lucky that my path was not fast, I was moving very slowly. Perhaps the rise may seem meteoric, but in fact it is not. Everything goes step by step, up the stairs, slowly but surely. And it pleases me, because the faster you fly, the faster you can fall. Probably all depends on the artists, and from the team that next. If everything will work smoothly, without interruptions, the chance to slide down much less,” – says the artist “StarHit”.

Егор Крид: «У меня нет времени на звездную болезнь»

Young people believe that in order to dream you must work hard and not succumb to the temptation to rest on our laurels. Even when he has thoughts about how to relax and to postpone the planned business, it collects into a fist and starts to work. In this Egor sees the key to success.

“You’ve got to sacrifice their time, their health, their strength for something big and cool. You can do a story, you can do more than just be an artist in our country! Show by example that everything is real, and leave a trail as globally as it sounds. It is the thoughts that I have in my head that motivate me to not give up and move on,” says the musician.
Егор Крид: «У меня нет времени на звездную болезнь»

The artist is always grateful to his fans for their love and respect for his work. Despite the fact that some celebrities are overrated his popularity and all kind show their own importance, creed hopes that the disease will pass it by. Singer believes that he has something to strive for, and each time puts before itself new purposes.

“The great thing is I can not feel how extraordinarily stellar. I hope that this side of popularity can’t touch me, – says Yegor. – I have big goals, but I’m not talking about them. Something global to better hold it to be certain your inner sense. And share it when everything has already happened, or at least close to accomplishment.”

Egor creed very busy tour schedule. The actor admits: sometimes he gets tired so much that I want to quit. However, it is in such moments, he forces himself to continue something that so long sought. However, the musician understands how important it is to give yourself a rest.

“I like to go for a massage, although it also now happens very rarely. And typically, the rest – somewhere I fly to the sun and good weather. I’m very sensitive to weather, and when you get to the sea, immediately begin to “recover,” said creed.

This year Egor has tried himself in new role. He became the mentor of the project, KFC Battle. The musician is glad to support talented young people. Creed remembered that he, too, was hard to start, but because he made every effort in order to choose the most worthy, in his opinion, the young singer.

“Must be creative in the first place, something unusual and memorable. Even a good voice is not important. A lot of good vocalists, not artists. So if in front of me will be a competitor with their own style, original flow – I would certainly pay attention to it”, – shares his thoughts the artist.