Wife of Igor Krutoy began to look the same age as the daughters

Жена Игоря Крутого стала выглядеть ровесницей дочек
The composer with the family relaxes in Ibiza.

Жена Игоря Крутого стала выглядеть ровесницей дочек

Igor Krutoy with his wife Olga, daughters Alexandra and Victoria

Photo: @Instagram olgakroutoi Olga Cool

Igor Krutoy was taken on days seven to Ibiza. A composer took wife Olga and two daughters: Victoria and Alexander. He reluctantly leads the social media pages, but the female half of his family does so with great enthusiasm. It is therefore not surprising that shortly after the arrival of artist to Ibiza in Networks began to appear photos taken during the holidays, Cool.

Olga in his microblog showed the causing excitement among fans of the star family. They became a family portrait, shot on the beach. It is worth noting that all representatives of the family of Igor demonstrated a perfect figure. If it is assumed that Victoria and Alexandra to keep myself in shape while not too difficult, here’s 51-year-old Olga, obviously, spends a lot of effort to maintain a slender figure. However, all her efforts are not in vain. Fans said admiring review figure of Olga.

Victoria and Alexander Steep

Photo: @Instagram victoriakrut Victoria Cool

“Maestro and his Muse is in great shape”, “was Stunned by such beautiful people and such shapely figures! This is really cool”, “really cool. Can’t tell a mom from my daughters!”, “Everything looks great, and the figure of Olga, can only envy, has always been for me the perfect!” write to Olga.