Edita grandson accused of selfishness

Эдита Пьеха обвинила внука в эгоизме
This year for the legendary singer Edita Piekha became the people’s artist of the USSR celebrated its 80th anniversary.

Эдита Пьеха обвинила внука в эгоизме

Some time ago Edita spoke with reporters and talked about relationships with family. The artist believes his grandson, the famous singer Stas Peha, selfish.

“Stas is selfish! Like all artists, he loves himself, unfortunately. And it is a good idea. You have to love his audience, to bow low to them because they come to hear you, bring flowers. To appreciate fans for what they have elected you to worship your songs, your art. How respected and appreciated their fans Leonid Utesov, Claudia Shulzhenko, Alexander Vertinsky, and today it is very difficult to say who loves his audience! If you respect those who come to your concert, then live on stage is yours,” says the singer.

In the words of Edita, it is rarely possible to see in grandchildren, as they live too far away, and with modern technology it is not friendly.

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