Эдди Редмэйн признался, что не различает цвета

Oscar-winning actor Eddie Redmayne said the unexpected the truth about yourself.

The star of “the Universe Stephen Hawking” and “Girl from Denmark” admitted the diagnosis with which many men live on the planet.

Eddie is colorblind. “I have a great stylist – my wife”, — told the actor. — “I’m colorblind, so I often choose clothes that, to put it mildly, stands out – and she helps me back into the world of taste.”

“That’s what’s great when you’re an actor and you have to attend all these social events – there are always professionals who work with fashion brands, have a sense of taste and help you choose the right direction,” said Redmayne.

It is fair to say that Eddie blindness does not hinder him neither in life, nor even more in the work. Today Redman is one of the most sought after British actors and Hollywood. This is evidenced by his numerous awards and nominations.

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