In the USA will shoot series based on the novel by the Strugatsky brothers

В США снимут сериал по повести братьев Стругацких

Creations by one of the Russian writers will be the basis for the script of the new foreign series.

Previously, we reported that British television filmed the novel by Leo Tolstoy “War and peace”, so that the demand for books has increased several times. The same fate has all chances to repeat the story “roadside picnic”.

Apparently in Hollywood now a real creative stagnation. Increasingly on large and small screens there are not original stories, sequels, prequels, spin-offs, etc.

Now American TV crew turned to foreign literature. Channel WGN America has ordered a pilot episode of a new series based on “roadside Picnic” by the Strugatsky brothers – the premiere will be in autumn 2016.

The author of the script will be Jack Paglen, and the Director’s chair for the pilot issue is the Creator of “Terminator: Genesis” and the Director of individual episodes of “Game of thrones”, Alan Taylor.


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