Эд Ширан ушел со сцены и вовсю готовится к свадьбе. Стали известны подробности

The paparazzi photographed the location and “sniff” the theme of the future wedding ceremony one of the most popular British pop singers ed Sheeran.

Эд Ширан ушел со сцены и вовсю готовится к свадьбе. Стали известны подробности

Ed Sheeran got married nine months ago, however, when the celebration was not only the most close and native. The beloved musician was the cherry Seaborn. And here after ed finished his biennial tour, it became known that now the couple is going to make a lavish celebration, making the ceremony theme and inviting a bunch of celebrities.

On the days the paparazzi managed to photograph the scenery which will decorate the starry occasion. The ceremony will have elements of carnival.

On the published pictures you can see that on the eve of the celebration, the organizers brought a circus tent and other fancy attributes. Huge tent red set among green trees. Note that the ceremony will be held in the British County of Suffolk.

Эд Ширан ушел со сцены и вовсю готовится к свадьбе. Стали известны подробности

Other images captured from the paparazzi, you can see a group of security personnel that arrive at the wedding venue a few days before the event to ensure the protection of several star guests of the secret list.

Эд Ширан ушел со сцены и вовсю готовится к свадьбе. Стали известны подробности

Became known the names of some of the invited celebrities. Insiders say that the wedding of ed Sheeran and cherry Seaborn should arrive Elton John, Jennifer aniston and granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Eugenie. Also earlier it was reported that the musical accompaniment of the evening will be the highest paid celebrity of Hollywood singer Taylor swift.

While neither ed nor Cerrone commented on the information media.

Recall that in order to spend more time with his wife and family, ed Sheeran has announced that at least 18 months leaves the stage and makes a creative break. Such a statement the singer made during the last concert in his tour “Tour Divide”, which lasted about two years. Ed realized that it is impossible to work all the time, even if the work and brings great success and money. Tours will not replace to him the most important thing – family.

I love you. This is my last concert for the next probably 18 months. I can’t for the next 20 years to spend the same on the road. I’m not willing to sacrifice the children, even for all this. I got what you wanted and even more, so now I’ll just try to have fun, — pootkrovennichal with fans of Sheeran.

It is known that Sheeran began the tour in March 2017, and ended only on 26 August 2019. Concerts in the framework took place almost on all continents, including Australia, New Zealand, North and South America and Europe. All the performer has played 255 of concerts for almost nine million fans from around the world. During this time ed Sheeran was able to earn 775,6 million dollars.

This tour was the biggest in history.

This is the biggest tour in history. Today me and my people behind the scenes are very emotional day. It’s like a breakup with a girl you have been for many years — said ed Sheeran.


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