Заработал благотворительный проект «Жанна Фриске – Я рядом!» The organizers plan to help the orphans. The first event will be the concert of memory of the singer, which will take place on July 11. The artists will perform songs of Zhanna Friske in unexpected arrangements.

      Заработал благотворительный проект «Жанна Фриске – Я рядом!»

      Almost a year ago, the famous singer Zhanna Friske died. The actress struggled with a terrible disease – a brain tumor. Despite the costly procedures, the treatment of Joan did not help completely deal with the disease. Now in mid-July to host a charity event in memory of the artist. Producer Alex Holoptsev together with the NGO “Social perspective” took patronage over the Mirovskaya orphanage in Voronezh region, and also plan to hold a press conference dedicated to its realization.

      “On July 11 at Alexey Kozlov club will be the first concert in memory of Joan within the framework of this project. It will be attended by artists from “the Voice” and “Main stage”, and famous jazz musicians. Jeanne will feature songs in unusual arrangements and compositions by participants of the concert”, – said the “StarHit” Alex Holoptsev.

      Among the participants expected people’s artist of Russia Alexei Kuznetsov, Dmitry Thursday, Kosmax Band, Katerina Chistova, Jazz Dance Orchestra, Ella Khrustaleva, Tais Bromides, Vladimir Kapyrin, Communiqué (official Russian tribute to Dire Straits), a leading theater and film actress Svetlana Lebedeva.

      Relatives of the star have also been invited. Recall that the times was planning to erect a monument on the grave of Joan. First husband, classmate of the singer working in the funeral business, expressed a desire to do it, and now Vladimir Friske said that the statue is sculpture he’ll do Zurab Tsereteli.

      While a year ago the family of Jeanne Friske has considered various drawings of the monument, which sent fans. In social networks, a special group. Initially it was assumed that the monument will be a seated Joan in the form of an angel with wings. However, the conversation about the creation of the monument in the fall of 2015 has been forgotten, because at that time there were no funds for such a project. Yes, and the family of the stars were a much more serious problem, namely, the infinite courts, by definition, communicate with three year old Plato.

      Vladimir Borisovich and Natasha had not seen the boy for a year. Occasionally grandmother Olga Tymoshenko allowed to meet with Plato. And recently the family of Jeanne Friske was accused of stealing missing from the account of the singer million.

      “The story of the “Responde” in General, complicated, because accounts were many, and not one – said “StarHit” the family’s lawyer, Sergei. – So you first need to understand what accounts existed, and where the money came from. During that time, with Plato, that everything will be resolved soon, you’ll see. But while I can not say more”.

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