Jigan confessed that he treated at the clinic He also returned to his family.

Dzhigan admitted that he treated at the clinic In any case, the photo with Davidik has already appeared.

Jigan confessed that he treated at the clinic

Well, finally , Denis made it clear that he was not treating his back in a psychiatric clinic.
If you think about it, this time it all started after Jiga fought a huge jellyfish in the sea and then ended up in the hospital. Then everyone laughed at the rapper's jokes and wished him a speedy recovery, especially since, according to the official version, he just had a cold in his back.

The next time, the disease overtook Denis immediately upon his return to Moscow. True, now Oksana said that everyone fell ill at once, and only because of this they disappeared from social networks for a long ten days.

But if Oksana herself and the children somehow suspiciously quickly recovered, then things were clearly worse with Dzhigan , as he showed up with a black eye and a bandaged leg in one of the hospitals. Realizing that it was no longer worth hiding, Denis said that he was treating a sore leg and back here.

Jigan admitted that he treated at the clinic

And again, everything would be clear and remain only to find out who and where so beat the former martial arts champion. But here it turned out that this psychiatric hospital and treating broken bones is not quite their profile.

But even here the rapper found something to say, saying that these doctors are just his good friends, which is why he used their services. How healthy. That in our country psychiatrists can treat their back and legs.

Dzhigan spent several days at the clinic and even celebrated the birthday of his son Davidik in the company of patients.

Jigan admitted that he was treated in the clinic

But now he has already contacted the studio where he is writing a new song. It was then that Denis admitted that he needed to heal his wounds and pointed to his head. Now that's honest!

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