Дмитрия Дюжева похитили в деревне The famous actor has become a hostage of his own popularity. He played himself in a new picture of Elijah Teacher. The film managed to receive several awards at various festivals and on the big screen will appear in early February.

He took part in the filming of the debut full-length picture of Director Ilya Teachers “Lights”. According to the scenario of a young man Fyodor wants to save a little rural theater from the fate to become to the store. This young man comes to mind to make a movie with famous actor. Accidentally, they meet Dmitry Dyuzheva, which became virtually a prisoner to the provincial figures of the movie. With a rope and sleeping pills they have managed to put a famous actor in the film. In moments of awakening he tries to get away from the village, but his way always there are any obstacles.

Young Director of the film “the Lights”, son of the famous artist Alexey Uchitel 24-year-old Elijah tried to make his work elicited laughter from the audience. The plot of the film very close to him – after all, he only recently graduated from VGIK and makes the first steps in the profession.

“This I liked the script because it tells the story of young people who are doing something I very close to it – remove the film. And, as often happens in our profession, they face tremendous amount of difficulties and overcome them thanks to their resourcefulness, – said Ilya. I thought that with any story such great potential for humor. The main thing that people were laughing at the film and left the cinema with a smile. If so – then we should be removed”.
Дмитрия Дюжева похитили в деревне

Viewers will be able to see the movie on wide screens in early February. The picture has already managed to catch the fancy of film critics and the jury of different festivals. Teachers received the prize named after Grigory Gorin for the best screenplay, special jury diploma “For the best movie about movies” at “Kinotavr” last year was the best Russian program “Woven Parallels” the ninth International film festival “East&West. Classic and avant-garde”.