Elena Letuchaya escaped from restaurateurs in Costa Rica

Елена Летучая сбежала от рестораторов в Коста-Рику In Moscow the season of “revizorro” provoked a showdown with the representatives of the capital’s schools. In this regard, producers of transmission even hired Elena Fly protection. To relax and unwind, the celebrity flew to warmer climes with her husband.

      Presenter Helen went Flying in a long-awaited vacation. The star decided to spend it together with her husband, businessman Yuri Analogovym. The couple went to a distant and exotic Costa Rica to enjoy the bright sun, to sunbathe and to get plenty unforgettable impressions.

      Elena Letuchaya actively shares photos and videos taken in another country. Celebrity genuinely glad to escape from the bustle and take in the sights of this tropical Paradise. In one of his posts Flying told about how to pass it sports. In recognition of the leading, she does not stop to train. Elena gets up at seven in the morning local time to jog and do exercises.

      “The time difference allows me to get up early and exercise. Actually, who in the morning rises, God gives the desolate beach and a lovely morning sun” – shared Volatile.

      Volatile also willingly riding the waves on a Board. Spouse stars happy is her company. In one of its publications Elena told that her husband broke the surfboard. So the couple had to pay to repair it.

      The greatest delight among the fans of the celebrity called her pictures in a swimsuit. They were made during the visit of the stars to the hot springs of Arenal volcano. Elena was very happy to enjoy their healing waters and a soothing atmosphere. “Unbelievable,” “the little Mermaid”, “High”, “Fabulous woman”, “This photo is only envy”, “Relax”, “keep it up!”, “Wonderful”, “Beauty”, were discussing Flying fans.

      In addition, Elena was able to meet with representatives of the local fauna. On the way to lake Arenal star fed nosuh, surrounded her tight ring. The spouse of a celebrity is also not afraid of adorable animals. He also was not afraid to pick up a snake, which caused a storm of emotions among its users.

      Recall that the famous TV presenter was married to Yuri Anashenkov in August last year. Wedding lovers took place in the narrow circle of the closest family members. Celebrations on this occasion have gone abroad on the Greek island of Santorini. Elena Letuchaya preparing for this important event for several months. Elena Letuchaya published the first scenes from the wedding