Дилан Фэрроу рассказала в подробностях домогательства со стороны Вуди Аллена

The adopted daughter of 82-year-old woody Allen — Dylan Farrow is not backing down and continues to prove to the public the guilt of his stepfather to abuse her when she was only seven years old. Dylan, who is already 32, in detail told to journalists CBS all that happened to her 25 years ago.

Дилан Фэрроу рассказала в подробностях домогательства со стороны Вуди Аллена

“It all happened in a small attic in a country house with my mom in Connecticut,” the beginning of the story the adopted daughter of the famous Director.

“He told me to lay on my stomach and play with a toy train of my brother. While I was playing, I was sexually abused. He touched fingers to my labia and my vagina.” says Dylan.

Dylan wondered why the public believes more in what she “brainwashed” mom, not in what she says. “My mom just supported me and asked to tell the truth. She never tried to come up with answers for me,” she says.

Despite 25 years ago, Dylan didn’t hold a grudge against actors who continue to work with the Director on the films. “I hope that after many became supporters of the movement Me Too, and Time’s Up, the actors began to understand that you are responsible for what you contribute to the culture of reticence. I repeat his accusations for more than 20 years, but I periodically ignored, silenced. If society can not understand one of the survivors, how they will be able to stand up for other victims?”

New details Allen has not commented, but his previous statements, he denied it and called them false. In 1993 and 2014, the lawyers proved the innocence of the Director, and the case was closed.

Recall that the adopted daughter of a famous Director and his former civil wife, MIA Farrow, Dylan, did an open letter to the public, through the column one of new York’s Newspapers. In it she argues that in the age of seven she was violated by her adopted father in the attic of their home. Sensational statement again stirred the public, because people almost forgot how loud was the scandal in 1992. Then, despite many examinations, the wine is woody Allen has not been proven. As was stated by the psychologists who worked with the girl, she cannot distinguish the truth from the fiction.

Insists the lawyer Allen. He argues that the story of Dylan invested it in the mouth of her mother MIA Farrow, in order to take revenge on woody. I must say, revenge is for what. That only is a wedding Allen’s adopted daughter Farrow from a previous marriage, soon-And Preven. Now, according to the lawyer, woody again very popular. For his film “blue Jasmine” Director was awarded the “Golden Globe”. This, according to defender woody, could cause a new surge of anger and the desire to spoil the reputation of Allen.
And suddenly the scene of clashes appeared adopted child of MIA and woody Moses. His pair was adopted together with Dylan. He argues that the story’s stepsister – from beginning to end insinuations of his mother. This is revenge for the fact that he married soon-Yi.