Джерард Батлер рассказал о самых необычных местах, где он занимался сексом
The actor shocked the reporter for his frankness.

Джерард Батлер рассказал о самых необычных местах, где он занимался сексом

Gerard Butler


In a recent interview, 48-year-old Gerard Butler, the star of “300”,
suddenly decided to share their very personal memories. He said that
for his life he had to work out Sekom absolutely incredible
. As recognized actor, he once
managed to make love on the slopes of an active volcano: “It was a very
hot sex!” — joked Gerard. And another time he, however, was having fun with
girl on a mountain glacier. Then not to freeze I was helped by my hot temper!” —
laughingly said Butler. However, to the disappointment of the reporter, the actor is strictly
declined to specify with whom he experienced these extreme adventures.

Currently, the actor, among other girlfriends which was listed Madonna
Jessica Biel and Ashley Greene is Dating interior designer Morgan brown. With
Morgan Butler began to meet more in 2014. But last year they barely
it didn’t break up when brown started Dating a former boyfriend of Naomi watts — Liev Schreiber. However, Schreiber Morgan that something went wrong and she
back to Butler. And the last time Gerard and his girlfriend constantly appear at all
events together. So the New year they met together in Mexico, where
basking on the beach.

According to gossip, the main “stumbling block” in relations
Butler and Morgan was her desire to have children, to which Gerard was not ready for. He said recently,
that after five years he would become the father of a couple children but not now. As he
managed to resolve the issue with Morgan, unknown. So while she
have, instead of the child, to engage in
dog recently picked up Gerard. “This little animal just won my
heart!” — so Butler commented on a photo of their pet, which he
shared with the fans.

Gerard Butler and Morgan Butler