Умирающая Шер делит наследство

70-year-old celebrity stoically’m sure that will soon lose their lives.

Cher fans saddened. No matter how many times cher neither came to the hospital, she was always full of energy. And this time seriously puzzled fans, saying that he feels impending death. Moreover, the singer has already started the division of property.

The state of the singer is estimated at more than three hundred million dollars, which she plans to leave to my children, sister and best friends. We already know that her sons Elijah blue, Olmen and Chaz Bono will inherit the house, and my sister will get a luxurious mansion in Beverly hills.

Girlfriend celebrity say that she decided to divide all property during life in order to avoid quarrels and fights in the future.

It should be noted that cher recently really became less to appear in public. And, it seems, is still not fully recovered after suffering two years ago of the disease. Then she went to the hospital with a severe virus which gave a kidney complication. Because of this she had to cancel part of the tour Dressed to Kill.

However, relatives of the singer is not misleading the press about the deterioration of her health. So there is every chance that she was vain panic and get well soon. In addition, the year ago cher, despite the age, became the face of the advertising campaign of fashion brand Marc Jacobs.

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