Lenin gave Alibasova on the 69th anniversary of pills for potency

Ленина подарила Алибасову на 69-летие таблетки для потенции

According to socialite, that is what now needs her best friend.

Imagination the famous blonde has no boundaries… only the images on the red carpet in Cannes are worth! But the festival on the French Riviera ended, and to Express themselves it is necessary.

Here Lenin and decided to be creative in the preparation of a surprise birthday for a friend. On his 69th birthday, the artist has received a rather unusual gift…

The producer of “na-na” admitted that and didn’t want to celebrate their 69, but friends are forced. Eventually called favorite band and close friend Lena Lenin for the city.

The writer brought with him almost the whole car of gifts. Beach Ottomans, books and painting his own chest. Lenin is confident that the portrait is like nothing else, decorate the house Alibasov. Picked up a diva and a means for potency. The box with the tablets of Lenin, too, without a grain of hesitation handed the birthday boy. But the guys in the band as the original gifts are not distinguished. Most gave the artist the useful things for the home.

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