Dwayne Johnson has signed on a new four-part project

Дуэйн Джонсон подписался на новый четырехсерийный проект

The popularity of Dwayne Johnson at the moment is through the roof, it is no wonder that more and more producers want to see the actor in their projects. This year the Rock will be very busy: he will appear in “fast and the Furious-8”, the eponymous film adaptation of the TV series “Baywatch” and in the remake of “Jumanji”. But the actor does not stop to test his strength and subscribes for new projects. Another film where we will see the power of “the Rock”, was the screen adaptation of the Directive of Jenson” (The Janson Directive).

Studio Universal is taken for the creation of four films based on the novels by Robert Ludlum. Note that the project was supposed to be adopted in the development in 2014. Then the title role has also given Johnson. It should also be said that “the Directive of Jenson” published a year after the author’s death, then other writers have provided four literary sequel.

In the center of the plot is the former government spetsoperatsii, who resigned from the Agency after it became too much sanctioned murder, and who became a security consultant in the private sector. After securing a partner, the sniper, Jenson tackling only correct from the point of view of morality jobs.

The authors of the assigned script by James Vanderbilt, Creator of “the New spider-Man” and “Zodiac”, together with Oscar-winner Akiva Goldsman.

Who will undertake to direct the franchise, has not yet resolved. As actually have no movies and the premiere date.

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