Duchess Catherine and Prince William want to identify the son in a boarding school

Герцогиня Кэтрин и принц Уильям хотят определить сына в интернат
The couple again decided to break Royal tradition.

Герцогиня Кэтрин и принц Уильям хотят определить сына в интернат

Kate Middleton and Prince William


As it became known,
the Duchess of Cambridge and her husband have already identified the school where their son George
will continue their education. They opted for boarding school
Brighton College, are extremely popular
Britain. This school is considered one of the best in the country. School
famous for its ultra-advanced techniques, and teachers — very independent views. However, she does not like school
where are usually trained the offspring of aristocratic families, including the Royal —
type Eton, where he mastered the knowledge of the father William and his uncle Harry. And
such a choice runs counter to the traditions of the family of Queen Elizabeth.

Meanwhile, George,
which this year went to first grade at Thomas’s School in Battersea, to learn here, as
at least seven, and then all of 9 years old. After all, in this place children are studying in
the ages of four and 11 or 13, depending on the selected program.
However, the parents of the young Prince can translate it into Brighton College
still early, after all there are classes for children 7-11 years.

Recall that although
Duchess Catherine and William long began to prepare for the first of September and
gathered in this remarkable for their son’s day to hold it together for the first
time in first class, this plan had to be cancelled. Catherine who became pregnant at
third time, again as when she was carrying George and Charlotte began
the most severe toxicity. And she was so bad that William had to take my son to
the school of one. Moreover, as recently told the father of the young Prince, the boy already
managed to lose their initial enthusiasm for school.

Like honestly William,
the young Prince has already managed to get bored to study. “The other day I drove him to school. So
he imagine refused to go there! However, I realized that this is a problem
our George. One of the mothers, which in our school is just two
the child told me that her children behave the same way!”

Prince William with son George