Дональд Трамп ворвался на чужую свадьбу и поцеловал невесту

Oh, that Donald trump. The other day he went with relatives to rest in your Golf club Trump National Golf Course in Bedminster, which he bought a long time ago. There he got on the helicopter and didn’t even expect to be on someone else’s wedding. However, the ceremony did not bother him, but merely pleased. In an instant the President of the United States became a star of the event and even pleased the bride.

The President is not confused by such surprises. He shook hands with the groom kissed the bride, and even brought someone from the audience promise to take care of honeymooners. Guests could not resist and began to shout “We love you”. And left Donald under the applause.

Recall that last weekend the family part went to Trump National Golf Club new Jersey Golf club, which trump purchased before the race. Along with Melania decided to take his mother 72-year-old Amalia, Knows. The couple also took their 12-year-old son Barron, which growth has almost caught up with mother in high heels. The paparazzi took as a family members leave the White house and walked across the lawn, travel to new Jersey on a private jet.

The family vacation was planned, because in addition to the Barron Golf club went and Ivanka trump with her husband Jared Kushner and their 4-year-old son Joseph.