Dmitry Tarasov works hard to be separated from Anastasia Kostenko

Дмитрий Тарасов работает на износ в разлуке с Анастасией Костенко The player admitted that time he rarely. Like any professional footballer Dmitry Tarasov’s been working very hard and rarely spends time with loved ones. However, the sports star has become accustomed to such a tight schedule.

Midfielder “Locomotive” Dmitry Tarasov has ceased to hide his fascination with model Anastasia Kostenko. Lovers publish pictures on social networks and attend various events. Dmitry and Anastasia look very happy. The couple already have fans who admire young people dedicate their social media pages.

Recently, the athlete and his buddy, singer of the ILO, gave an interview in which he told about his friendship and respect for the sport. Answering questions from reporters, Dmitry talked about how occur training. Tarasov doesn’t hide that he spends a lot of time working. According to men, professional football players is very high load. Weekend the midfielder of “Locomotive”, which he can spend with loved ones, including his girlfriend, are extremely rare. However, Dmitry used to such way of life and not complain.

“Now this chart is that we have absolutely no weekend. The maximum is one to two days every two weeks. But people can get used to everything, I personally already used to it and I was quite comfortable to live in such a schedule”, – says the man.

According to Dmitry Tarasov, the longest vacation he had in the winter. Then the athlete can rest for two or three weeks. When Tarasova can sometimes be such a long rest, it usually goes to the warm countries. While abroad, the player does not stop to exercise to keep fit. “Be sure to visit the rest room, sometimes running around and all this combined with relaxation,” commented Dmitry.

Tarasov also added that he tries to play with friends in football, if you get a spare moment. According to star sports, he’s always happy to meet with loved ones and participate in a friendly match. “Completely different feeling when you realize that after this you have a bathhouse and barbecue,” said Dmitry, adding that such happens very rarely.

During the conversation with journalists the man also admitted that football is his life. Whatever happened in the future Dmitry would like to continue to work in the industry, according to “championship”.

We will add that each athlete ILO recently played a lavish wedding. At a magnificent celebration of the contractor was attended by his family and friends. Among the celebrity guests was Dmitry Tarasov and his fiancee Anastasia Kostenko. Tarasov and Kostenko lit at the wedding