Dmitry Shepelev was a fiasco because of the scandalous show

Дмитрий Шепелев потерпел фиаско из-за скандального шоу
The program of the presenter called a “paid-hoax”.

Dmitry Shepelev

Photo: @Instagram dmitryshepelev Dmitry Shepelev

Fans Dmitry Shepelev for several years waiting for his return on the Russian TV. Return to the blue screens it prevented the scandal with the “missing” millions of Rusfond. And so, when in may of this year in court was proven innocent Dmitri, he finally got the opportunity to work on domestic television. That’s just his return was very doubtful…

We are talking about the reputation of the show “In reality”, hosted by Shepelev began this summer. The program exists not so long ago, and the stars of show-business has repeatedly accused the organizers of fraud. Similar statements were made by eve and Marina Anisina. Yesterday in the program discussed the topic related to the divorce Nikita Dzhigurda with his wife, and getting a stellar pair of multimillion-dollar inheritance Ludmila Bratash. However, neither the skater nor the showman in the filming of the program took no part.

According to Marina, the Chair offered to write the script, which was to develop action in the Studio. In confirmation of the words that show Shepeleva — production, she published an excerpt of the conversation Dzhigurda allegedly one of the organizers. “The new programme Shepeleva lying in the old way! This is one of the small snippets of talks Nikita Borisovich (19.08.17.). The editor of the first channel promises that everything will be spelled out in advance in the script! This proves the positioning of the “true” talk show! Promises not to cheat. If only we came. I flatly refused, remembering your tragic experience… a liar detector introduces millions of naive people into the abyss of the paid-for cheating!” — said Marina. Of course, every such statement is serious “hits” to the reputation Shepelev, who says that his program is a true character.