Дмитрий Шепелев устроил Платону активный отдых в горах Broadcaster with the heir to ski abroad. Dmitry Shepelev shared the new joint with the heir, presumably made in one of the countries of Europe. Obviously, the kid excited about the holidays, which gave him father. Fans Shepeleva often asked to show them combines footage of son.

      TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev in these January days gave my son Platon leisure. Star dad with the heir went to conquer the ski slopes. Apparently, the place for active leisure Shepelev chose one from Europe.

      Dmitry shared the joint with Plato, on which father and son look incredibly happy. It is obvious that the boy was delighted with winter fun and dazzling white peaks that surround it. The photo captured a couple in a touching moment of a short pause. “Saturday, 3,000 meters and hot chocolate” – succinctly commented on the selfie with the heir to a stellar parent.

      It should be noted that Dmitry Shepelev rarely shares in the microblogging combines photos with his son Plato, thus attempting to protect the kid from unwanted attention of people not actively interested in the life of the heir of the late singer Jeanne Friske. And because each new frame that appears in the microblog star, is a genuine delight his fans, who are asking Shepeleva show more of these pictures with Plato.

      “Your pictures will always be happy and good”, “Dmitry, you’re a big boy, such a good dad”, “I Admire you, well done! Elya happy!”, “Oh, cool! Well, let’s hop off there envious spite!”, “Dmitry, you are the best, like to see you more often delighted us with a photo with son”, “What you are wonderful, God grant that everything you’re great”, “wow! Dima, you are a big fellow. Your pictures are always so bright, looking at them, always feel warm, welcome and happiness!” – shared emotions that have caused them a photo of Dmitry and Plato subscribers microblog Shepeleva.

      It is worth noting that stellar dad imparts to the son the love of the sport. So, in the morning on the first of January, when most of the country was recovering after the festive new year’s eve, Dmitry Shepelev Plato brought to the rink, where he taught the baby to slide on the ice.

      Overall, despite a busy schedule, the presenter tries to devote maximum time to Plato. The heir Shepeleva grows very developed boy, whose life is painted literally on hours. A three-year child attends an English school and regular kindergarten. Still, the daily schedule of Plato, gym, pool, classes in sculpting and music lessons. And of course, the father is trying to do so that the son always remembered about mom. Dmitry Shepelev spoke about a new relationship