Дмитрий Шепелев в письме Жанне Фриске: «Я вновь срывался, обвиняя тебя в том оставила меня, что предала» The presenter turned to his beloved a year after her death. In the words of the showman, for a long time he could not come to yourself and realize what really happened. Also Dmitry Shepelev said that during the year there was a woman who tried to save him from despair.

      Дмитрий Шепелев в письме Жанне Фриске: «Я вновь срывался, обвиняя тебя в том оставила меня, что предала»

      Today the whole country mourns and remembers the past year ago, Jeanne Friske. After a long struggle with brain cancer the singer died at the hands of parents and close friends. Civil husband Zhanna Dmitry Shepelev at the time was not with his beloved. By fateful coincidence, two days before the death of a star TV presenter flew with his son Platon in Bulgaria. He only came back for the funeral Friske.

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      Over the past year, Dmitry practically did not give interview and did not make public statements about your relationship with Jeanne. However, today, the day of her death, the seven dwarfs decided to Express all those thoughts and feelings that he had accumulated this year without his beloved.

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      “A year has passed. Subsided the pain, confusion, fear, anger. It seems to me that it’s over. I found the strength to push off, leaving the bottom somewhere far below me. Began to ask himself questions about the future, making plans, thinking, finally, about what I want. I don’t live in the past. And only sometimes in the most unexpected moments, you realize how much I miss you. What a pity now you’re not around. I tell you about my son, and he listens carefully. He knows your voice, knows your face and smile. And I know you, in detail, a turn of the head, the tips of his fingers, laughing. And from this know that love is alive without the presence of. It’s just there”, – said Dmitry Shepelev to Jeanne Friske.

      According to Shepeleva, over the years he has tried to cope with the pain, but all attempts to escape only resulted in deep contemplation and suffering. Host of the show “Dostoyanie Respubliki” did not begin to hide that all this time beside him was a woman who attempted to save him from despair and help to get out of a protracted depression. However, according to Dmitry, he returned to the past, where Jeanne was happy, but because to love a new woman and could not. I must say, the man speaks gently about her.

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      “All year my only companion was unfamiliar to me before the people, – said Dmitry. – It’s the only thing dared to be beside me and share this terrible time. How it was important for me that after so many years finally care about me. As it was important, and I can give love and care. I’m probably supposed to like, but I couldn’t. After all, still living in the past, what a pity. And still thanks to her, my only angel, my gentle Savior.”

      Showman tried to be as honest as possible. Shepelev said that there were periods when it seemed to him that the pain was gone, but it was only self-deception. After the death of Jeanne Dmitry mentally blamed her for what happened.

      “I kept a diary and every day spoke to love gone in an attempt to understand what happened, to help yourself through it. And one day, after maybe six months, it seemed to me that it’s all over, the storm subsided, all meaningful, coming back to me former ease, finally it’s over, ” recalls Shepelev. – Deceptive hope. I was wrong: one had to drink a little more than a glass of wine, and I re-fell — in pain and in rage, blaming you and only you that’s happened that’s left me betrayed, disappeared forever never saying goodbye. And returned the previous “why?” “what’s that?” the helplessness and emptiness”.

      In the letter, published in the journal Grazia, Shepelev tried to openly talk about their feelings. Leading in bright colors outlined every detail, remembering the sensations. Dmitry admitted that he resorted to books and wine to numb the pain. Only recently it has been to return the taste of life, thanks to his son Plato, who was all the time next to daddy.

      “I felt the transparency, sad clarity of mind, unclouded by fear, ambitions and complexes. This condition gave me the striking purity: I’ve never felt so subtly, everything from human feelings to music. The emptiness allowed to take in yourself to approach himself as close as possible. I listened to the sea and enjoyed the son, who with his incredible power, without knowing it, baby, fill me with light and not given to drown,” said Shepelev.

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