Алексей Воробьев пережил боль на проекте «Холостяк» Despite the fact that the reality show ended in the beginning of the month, talk about it, still do not cease. The bachelor fourth season Alexei Vorobyov has not selected any of the other girls in the final. About your pain and emotions that he experienced on the project, the actor told reporters.

      Алексей Воробьев пережил боль на проекте «Холостяк»

      The first weekend of June completion of the project “the Bachelor” on TNT. In the final, before Alexei Vorobiev there were two girls Natalia Garaganova and Jan Anosov. However, at the end of the reality show Dating participants revealed that no it is not suitable, so the artist couldn’t decide who would be his bride. Why Alexei Vorobyov did not choose on the Bachelor

      Alex told me that he went through very difficult part in the project, for him, everything that happened to him there, it was real life and not acting as it was seen by some viewers. When a young man came to the project, he was hoping to find there love. However, his dreams are not destined to be fulfilled.

      “Natasha straight in the eye and told me he didn’t love. And Jan, after three months of communication and intimacy, when she fully opened, gave frozen heart with the words that I have the same. So all this time, she took me for somebody else… besides, she was unable to give an answer to the question – “What do you feel about me?”, I asked five minutes ago. Oh what a beautiful fairy tale is there to say?”, recalls Vorobiev about his emotions.

      Алексей Воробьев пережил боль на проекте «Холостяк»

      According to many spectators, most of Alex would be Natalia Garaganova. Everyone like a sincere and nice girl from Novokuznetsk. However, throughout the project, she was rather reserved and do not openly show feelings. According to Vorobyov, when Natasha said that she doesn’t love him, he has no “personal” life, as it is in the air saw the whole country.

      “It hurt a bit. In my case the word “little”, it is rather an attempt to reduce the degree of the incident, so no one thought I was really hurt. I’ve been hiding from all their feelings and emotions”, – said the actor told reporters.

      During the filming of “the Bachelor,” Vorobyov was convinced that love cannot be built. However, it is not denied that all the deeds that he did before the cameras were sincere and honest. “For me it wasn’t a show. It was my real life. And I’m not ready to play along with someone’s Saturday tele – expectations with my life.”, – said Alexey in an interview with Wday.

      Alexei Vorobyov: “Love is a mental disorder”

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