Дмитрий Шепелев наслаждается райским отдыхом с Платоном The man did not hide his happiness. Dmitry Shepelev spends time with Plato abroad. Father and son were seen at the airport when they were going to fly to Greece, although the presenter does not tell about the location and without geotags to their posts.

TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev together with his son Plato went to the sea to rest. Apparently, father and child perfectly spend time together. Boy enjoy walks along the beautiful beach promenade on the background of mountains in the sun. Dmitry could not resist and posted a touching footage, which depicted the baby.

Shepelev chose the time, when Plato ran across the asphalt towards the sea. He probably wanted a closer look at the passing white boat. The TV host signed a short clip with the word “happiness”. Two years without mom: how to live a little son of Zhanna Friske

Subscribers can only guess at where you actually spend time dad to his son, as the seven dwarfs prefer not to advertise the resort.

However, the father Zhanna Friske Vladimir Borisovich was upset when I found out that Shepelev Plato exported abroad. TV presenter son and I saw in one of the Moscow airports – they were waiting for boarding the plane, which was heading to Greece. As it turned out, Dmitry did not inform the relatives of the deceased common-law spouse that they leave the country.

“On Thursday from Dima received information that the boy was ill, and on Friday he with Plato sat at the airport and was heading to Greece, and he spent the whole day calling the bailiffs and asked: “where are You”. He would not confess, but had to warn the guardianship, or bailiffs, since the grandson is a citizen of the Russian Federation. Dima ignores the laws and lied to us again. Bailiffs already know, and next time will write Shepelevo fine. Now Dima will require two meetings… In Plato is flowing our blood,”– said Vladimir Friske.

Jeanne’s father believes that Shepelev is unfair to him. Moreover, in their opinion, it enables a fairly harsh statements in the address family of the mother of his child.

“Spouse for all his life never harmed a soul. Up to two years brought the Petoskey, the dust it blew. And Shepelev, it turns out that her eyes were offended… We will fight to the last for his grandson,” – said Vladimir Borisovich.