Дмитрий Нагиев – самый богатый актер России

Last year he earned $ 3.2 million

Magazine Forbes has once again counted the money the domestic celebrities. The ranking of the most secured actors, headed by Dmitry Nagiyev. His annual income amounted to almost 205 000 000.

10 years ago nobody could not have imagined that curly lead scandalous program “Windows” on TNT will be the hottest artist of Russia. Sometimes the impression is that Dmitry Nagiyev everywhere. On clicking any button the TV. Include “First”, there is “the Voice” with Nagieva, TNT – “Teacher” with Nagiyev, STS – “Kitchen” and “Two fathers, two sons” with Nagiyev. Listen to the radio in the car, sounds husky, languid baritone Nagiyev, and through the windshield I see a Billboard advertising cellular operator. Guess who! Yes, with Nagiyev. Go to a movie, there’s karaoke with nagievym in theatre – “Kysya” with NAGIYEV! Here he talks Turkey, that’s squirts at all antiseptic, that popping pills for male power. All in one 3-minute ad block. Add to this the ceremonies and corporate events. I have the feeling that Dmitry is working around the clock and without breaks. Hence decent work. Although he Nagiyev (how many times the article mentioned that name) said that he doesn’t need all the money in the world. “Sean Connery in one movie said, “What can you buy in seven billion that you can’t on one? Why then are you seven?” And it’s true. People earn a lot of money, but there comes a time when the idea of you in this life not to spend it. Physically it becomes impossible. Even your children will not have time. Nevertheless, this machine continues to thrash. Same story with work. If you think only about how you made a name for himself and pollical on the screen, it was possible to stop and have… And yet those who are lucky, continue to work. I have another story. So long since I’ve filmed that when they began to write for me, I was scared afraid to fall out of the cage. So I continue to thrash and to thrash”.

Also in the top richest domestic servants of Melpomene came Fyodor Bondarchuk ($1.3 million), Oleg Tabakov ($1.1 million), Svetlana Khodchenkova (1 million$), Vladimir Mashkov (1 million$), Danila Kozlovsky ($0.9 million), keira Knightley (0.8 million$), Sergei Bezrukov (0.6 million$) and Nikita Mikhalkov (0.35 million$).

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