Dmitry Nagiyev ready to work round the clock for his beloved

Дмитрий Нагиева готов работать круглосуточно ради любимой
Recently many stars of domestic show business gathered at the premiere of “the Kitchen. The last battle”.

Дмитрий Нагиева готов работать круглосуточно ради любимой

In the picture one of the main roles played by a popular actor Dmitry Nagiyev.

Dmitri never talks about his personal life, no one knows even the name of his beloved.

But occasionally, the actor hints that he is not a free and happy with his beloved.

“I am pleased from the set to see that relatives and friends do not need. Figuratively speaking, my woman to new things and a good smelling perfume is much more valuable than words haters: “Why he is again shooting a commercial or a movie?” To me these words don’t care,” said Nagiyev.

I think that woman needs to get attention from her man, but we should not forget about the rest.

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