Dmitry Nagiev will produce Cord

Дмитрий Нагиев будет продюсировать Шнура
Rock musician got the role in the TV series “Fizruk”.

A complete surprise was the appearance of actor Dmitry Nagiyev at the rehearsal of the group “Leningrad” in St. Petersburg.

Dmitry on the series “Teacher”, Thomas introduced a new producer
The “Leningrad” and invited his fellow countryman Sergey Shnurova to enter
the lexicon group another swearword, which, he assured,
will help to make the Cord and the company even more money. A new expression
so like the leader of the “Leningrad”, that he instantly decided
to include it in one of the songs. However, due to the complexity
and versatility of this new wonder of the word to find a rhyme would be difficult
even such a brilliant poet as Sergey Shnurov.