Дмитрий Маликов бросит новорожденного сына ради заграничного отдыха The singer told about the plans. Dmitry Malikov is going to go to Greece for a few weeks in the company of friends. The artist’s wife would have no objection to such a scenario, because she now devotes all his time to the younger child.

In January 2018 Dmitry Malikov became a father again. The singer and his wife turned to a surrogate mother who gave birth to a boy. The star couple did not get tired to talk about how they are happy again take care of the baby.

Communicating with journalists of the program “You wouldn’t believe!”, Malikov admitted that loves spending free time with my son.

“He’s very calm. Most of the time asleep, waking up just to eat. Mostly care about the son of the wife does that, I’m constantly on the road. However, if I was in Moscow, I always try to come home early to bathe him or feed”, – said Dmitry.

Fans believe that the man really looks very happy. However, they were surprised by the statement of the artist about the imminent vacation. As it turned out, Malikov used to spend several weeks a year in exclusively male company. Soon he will go in another journey, leaving behind wife and newborn baby alone.

“My friends and I love to choose unusual directions. For example, was in Marrakech, Mongolia, Portugal. Travel to countries on the machines, inspect all the sights. Sometimes it is very important to communicate with male friends, it’s energizing,” said the man.

The wife of the artist Elena has nothing against such a long absence of choice. Admit by women, it is no longer jealous of her husband and tries in all to trust him. According to fans, it is because of this trust, marriage Malkovich remains strong.

The artist does not hide that will miss the newborn child. During the first months of his life, he managed to learn all the habits of the boy. “He’s very active only during the day, sleeps at night. Eats of Finnish baby food,” said Dmitry.

Fans believe that the star couple will be able to surround baby with care and love. The couple is very long dreamed about his son, and so now ready to do whatever the boy was happy.