Дмитрий Дибров заговорил о сексе в семейной жизни The television host explained that is the key to happiness for him and his wife. Dmitry Dibrov believes that sex is very important in the relationship between husband and wife.

      Дмитрий Дибров заговорил о сексе в семейной жизни

      To the words of Dmitry Dibrova listen to not only his generation but also the youth. The famous host gladly gives advice not only on philosophical but also on everyday topics. The star of the ether rich experience of relations with the opposite sex, besides Dmitry already seven years living in marriage with his wife Pauline, who bore him during this time three wonderful sons.

      “Pauline was the anniversary, and asked me what it’s like to live in marriage. I said that sex is the key to the family. That passion to the Registrar that after — burner is family ethics. Who underestimates it, sooner or later ends up with horns or abandoned,” – said TV presenter.

      The age difference between spouses is nearly three decades, however, Pauline feel happy the woman next to Dimitri. “I was happy forever… Seven years is a beautiful figure, and I’m still sure that there is the most interesting and skazachnoe.Three sons to repeated confirmation. I love you, Dima! Always be… You’re mine!”, – wrote in the microblog emotional congratulatory message to his wife Pauline.

      It should be noted that Dibrov and he is so happy with his family life that even thinking about how to to make it a reality show. “When Pauline had built our house for the kids, I’m even ashamed to say thought hang small cameras on all the corners,” admitted Dmitry.

      On the idea of leading his own show will be different from those that exist on television. For example, Dmitry is far not in delight from the acclaimed “House-2”. The main idea of the project Dibrova should be to develop and educate the audience on the example of his own life.

      “Family show, which also eat kebabs and drink wine, but only if it does not bear any nonsense in a slurred voice, high and discuss interesting ideas that the next morning or the next year will be relevant in the society, – said Dmitry in a conversation with “Tape.ru”. – Along the way, and will learn to pronounce the toast. Not just “I want everything”, as Balls. It’s a literary and dramatic genre. And, by the way, see how kids to educate. This same school for parents”.

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