Keira Knightley protests against social networks

Константин Хабенский протестует против социальных сетей
The actor said that he don’t have a personal blog.

Константин Хабенский протестует против социальных сетей

Konstantin Khabensky and Aleksandr Tsekalo

Photo: Julia Gave

The first thing that made Konstantin Khabensky, arriving at the Award ceremony for the best
domestic television movies, series and cartoons, published in 2015
year — wore a small badge with the inscription “there is no Me in Social media”. Thus
the actor wanted to emphasize that all pages in the microblogging, created from his
name — fake.

We will remind, two years ago, keira Knightley was at the center of an Internet scandal: then, the network appeared the provocative statements about the political situation on his behalf. Constantine had to make a statement, to refute false
information, reporting that he did not have to do
relationship. On this day in social media there are more than ten “fake” the pages of the popular actor.

Konstantin Khabensky and Sergei Garmash

Photo: Julia Gave

By the way, the Prize of the Association of producers of cinema and television actor received an award in the nomination “Best actor television movie”. “Fathers native! Breadwinners! said the actor to the producers. — Give you the opportunity to try on different images. Thank you!”. By the way, the victory in this nomination Khabensky shared with Sergey Garmasha, which was noted for its main role in the series “Leningrad 46”.

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