Дмитрий Дибров чудом не пострадал в пожаре
Known TV presenter Dmitry Dibrov happily married with a young wife Polina, and the couple growing up three sons, Alexander, Theodore and Ilya.

Дмитрий Дибров чудом не пострадал в пожаре

Pauline recently reported the fire, which occurred in their mansion on the night of 30 April. The fire started due to the Segway, which she put in charge, but, fortunately, there was Dimitri.

Дмитрий Дибров чудом не пострадал в пожаре

“At three in the morning jumped out of bed the smell of… Ran all the rooms on the third floor (our floor with Dima) – quiet, but the stench. Went down on the second – the same picture, the smell intensified, the kids are asleep. First – my husband is sitting at the table with a glass of whiskey without a face… the Smell is incredible… in front of me the whole door in soot, you know that the fire. Dima lost the Manager [here probably a typo]. On fire set me on charging the Segway, and it is our happiness that the husband did not sleep and was on the first floor, otherwise the consequences would be dire. Acrid smoke, soot to enter the room impossible. The door glass is cracked. Here’s the Chinese stuff. God saved us!” – said Dibrov.

Recall that the mansion of the spouses is 19 kilometers from the Moscow ring road and has everything you need for luxury living.

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